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Clan Name:  Oblivion

Clan Ranking:  1088

Clan Members:  7

Date Created:  January 30, 2015

Captain:  KijimaWilfred


Clan Name:  AzuranEmpire

Clan Ranking:  1087

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  January 30, 2015

Captain:  BlackCat83

We are the Azuran Empire, our goal is World Conquest.

Clan Name:  LapisLazuli

Clan Ranking:  82

Clan Members:  2

Date Created:  January 26, 2015

Captain:  KaiKatsuda

Welcome to LapisLazuli, An escape from reality and into the new blue.

Clan Name:  BisidianPirates

Clan Ranking:  53

Clan Members:  10

Date Created:  January 18, 2015

Captain:  ruiner

All ranks welcome. I'll only kick if inactive for 3 months.

Clan Name:  Alex

Clan Ranking:  65

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  January 17, 2015

Captain:  Alex

The RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex" is a prototype newtype-use mobile suit.

Clan Name:  MaidCafe

Clan Ranking:  16

Clan Members:  18

Date Created:  January 17, 2015

Captain:  Epicguy

Welcome home master!

Clan Name:  OneAgility

Clan Ranking:  75

Clan Members:  2

Date Created:  January 13, 2015

Captain:  JoeyJones

Welcome to the team OneAgility clan page.

Clan Name:  OppaiKingdom

Clan Ranking:  54

Clan Members:  10

Date Created:  January 10, 2015

Captain:  LittleWhiteBoy

I'm not saying its aliens but its aliens.

Clan Name:  GoldWave

Clan Ranking:  97

Clan Members:  3

Date Created:  January 8, 2015

Captain:  StarNova

I am WaveSama and Im looking for good player and have fun in the game

Clan Name:  Odins Speere

Clan Ranking:  1087

Clan Members:  3

Date Created:  January 7, 2015

Captain:  Grimblut

Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft

Clan Name:  WIND00CI

Clan Ranking:  73

Clan Members:  7

Date Created:  January 5, 2015

Captain:  Maxilos

An SE group followed by a banana-crazy monkey that likes red.

Clan Name:  Horsemanfanclub7

Clan Ranking:  87

Clan Members:  5

Date Created:  January 3, 2015

Captain:  lordboaz


Clan Name:  ComeBack

Clan Ranking:  60

Clan Members:  2

Date Created:  January 1, 2015

Captain:  Rhythmic


Clan Ranking:  92

Clan Members:  13

Date Created:  December 31, 2014

Captain:  kingfreedom

Hey there i will be your captain but with the throne brothers

Clan Name:  FateWave

Clan Ranking:  47

Clan Members:  16

Date Created:  December 31, 2014

Captain:  sarenith

Just A New Lazy Clan our forum

Clan Name:  System

Clan Ranking:  1087

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  December 26, 2014

Captain:  WitzSou

Welcome, We are the System.

Clan Name:  ZSAF

Clan Ranking:  1087

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  December 26, 2014

Captain:  TheRedKomet

Zeon Space Attack Force -- the ace pilots of the Principality of Zeon!

Clan Name:  EmeraldTempests

Clan Ranking:  1087

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  December 24, 2014

Captain:  draco260

Welcome to EmeraldTempests

Clan Name:  Magenta

Clan Ranking:  41

Clan Members:  9

Date Created:  December 22, 2014

Captain:  Flamebur

A clan made out of freedom and natural instincts. Beginning at ZERO!

Clan Name:  Dark Matter

Clan Ranking:  49

Clan Members:  5

Date Created:  December 15, 2014

Captain:  ShadowHaze

Infinite energy, Dark Matter.

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