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Clan Name:  Pusheen

Clan Ranking:  131

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  November 22, 2014

Captain:  ZetXen

Named after the cat. Only the best.

Clan Name:  Curtain Call

Clan Ranking:  1072

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  November 18, 2014

Captain:  Solmir

One man One emblem

Clan Name:  Kinectics

Clan Ranking:  75

Clan Members:  3

Date Created:  November 15, 2014

Captain:  SoulsDispersal

Hello there! we are the Power Of Movement

Clan Name:  EQRG

Clan Ranking:  68

Clan Members:  6

Date Created:  November 10, 2014

Captain:  Draevan

Equestria Royal Guard is an online gaming community based off of MLP:FiM

Clan Name:  Try Fighters

Clan Ranking:  79

Clan Members:  5

Date Created:  November 7, 2014

Captain:  Espartan

Super casual guild, for both pilots and builders alike!

Clan Name:  Royal Guard

Clan Ranking:  82

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  November 3, 2014

Captain:  ShadowHaze

Welcome to the Royal Guard. A squad of semi-elites. Protecters of the weak.

Clan Name:  Night Crawlers

Clan Ranking:  1072

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  October 28, 2014

Captain:  Paco

The Night Man Cometh.

Clan Name:  N7 Knights

Clan Ranking:  1072

Clan Members:  2

Date Created:  October 24, 2014

Captain:  senew

knights of what once was

Clan Name:  TryFighters

Clan Ranking:  1072

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  October 24, 2014

Captain:  MikeySan

Welcome to Clan Try Fighters

Clan Name:  GundamFederation

Clan Ranking:  58

Clan Members:  16

Date Created:  October 21, 2014

Captain:  08thFUFU

Welcome to the most awesome clan ever!

Clan Name:  FazeClan

Clan Ranking:  48

Clan Members:  6

Date Created:  October 19, 2014

Captain:  AlphaValue

Faze Clan. We be MLG. We 420 no scope you noobs. M8 we rekt u. Smoke weed.

Clan Name:  EternalCrew

Clan Ranking:  94

Clan Members:  4

Date Created:  October 18, 2014

Captain:  Fronesis

This is a clan to have fun together

Clan Name:  GhostInShell

Clan Ranking:  1072

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  October 17, 2014

Captain:  TyrantMA

Hopefully, family-like clan it will be, both online and offline.

Clan Name:  Waifu

Clan Ranking:  40

Clan Members:  14

Date Created:  October 12, 2014

Captain:  R3b1rth

Ohaiyo Gozaimashou

Clan Name:  Aniki

Clan Ranking:  79

Clan Members:  11

Date Created:  October 8, 2014

Captain:  GhostShark

This is a private clan. Please do not apply to join.

Clan Name:  KaZoKu

Clan Ranking:  67

Clan Members:  4

Date Created:  September 24, 2014

Captain:  AtomAmarfi

The Clan That Is Not For Everyone

Clan Name:  Gundam Team

Clan Ranking:  52

Clan Members:  16

Date Created:  September 23, 2014

Captain:  KuzeHibiki

Welcome to the Gundam Team! Please enjoy the Argama and it's crew!

Clan Name:  Violet Order

Clan Ranking:  39

Clan Members:  19

Date Created:  September 6, 2014

Captain:  GodGundamPower


Clan Name:  kingdom haerts 2

Clan Ranking:  1072

Clan Members:  1

Date Created:  September 5, 2014

Captain:  regg


Clan Name:  Rozen Guard

Clan Ranking:  49

Clan Members:  10

Date Created:  September 4, 2014

Captain:  RDark

We are Rozen Guard. "War is not about being a hero!" ~ Athrun Zala

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